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Explore your browsing securely without any scared of tracking by this browser application.

  • Tor Integrated
  • Ad blocker
  • Safe and Private

App Features

Onion sites are simplified versions of websites that can only be accessed by Tor. They are a sure safe way to connect.


Explore your browsing securely without any scared of tracking by this browser application.

Tor Integrated

Encrypted traffic through the Tor network gives you the highest standard of security and privacy.

Ad Blocker

Use built-in ad blocker definitions or feed it local and online hosts files.


Tor offers the highest standard of privacy. You are not linked to your browsing activity.

Creative Design

Toolbar and status bar color theme integrates gracefully. Dark and light.

Clear Data

Tabs close when you’re done, so every search is new.

About Hidde Browser

Hidde Browser is a fast, secure and private web browser with functionalities like In-built Adblocker, 100% Secure, Data Safe, Personal Data protected.

  • Tor Integrated Browser
  • Fast & Secure Web Browser
  • Automatic Privacy - AdBlock Browser Protection
  • Private internet browser with pop up blocker

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The latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe on the internet.


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You can check if you're using Tor by visiting the website "check.torproject.org" in your web browser. If you see a message confirming that you are using Tor, your connection is through the Tor network.

Bridges are specialized servers in the Tor network that help users bypass internet censorship by providing a discreet and obfuscated entry point to the Tor network.

The Tor network, or "The Onion Router," is a free and open-source network designed to provide online anonymity and privacy by routing internet traffic through a series of encrypted servers (nodes).

Tor routes your internet traffic through a series of servers, making it difficult to trace the origin. Each server in the network only knows about the server before and after it, enhancing anonymity.

Yes, the Hidde Browser allows you to access .onion websites, which are websites hosted on the Tor network. These sites often offer added privacy and anonymity.

Yes, using Tor can slow down your internet connection. The traffic goes through multiple relays, which can introduce latency. However, this trade-off is made to enhance privacy.
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